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Cica is the Redness-Squelching Ingredient to Know About Asap

K-beauty has taught us a lot about skin care. Many of us owe our glow to sheet masks, multi-step routines, and “essences” that help other products sink into skin more deeply. In addition to giving us all the tools we need for a glowing complexion on repeat, we also have K-beauty to thank for the hero ingredient responsible for soothing redness and irritation… and that includes sunburns.

Enter: cica. While K-Beauty may have been among the first to put the stuff into skin care, it was actually tigers (yup—the cute stripey cats) who first discovered the stuff. Centella asiatica—nicknamed “cica” because it’s a lot easier to say—is commonly known as “tiger grass,” because thousands of years ago people in China noticed tigers rolling around in the stuff to heal their wounds. And it turns out, they were onto something.

“The primary active constituents of centella asiatica are saponins, and saponins extracts have been used in wound healing,” explains Nava Greenfield, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “Pre-clinical and clinical studies suggest that if they can increase the collagen synthesis and content and tensile strength of the skin. The extracts may also have an effect on cell turnover and thickening, called keratinization and may show anti-inflammatory properties.”

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Source: Well+Good – Cica is the Redness-Squelching Ingredient to Know About Asap By, Zoe Weiner

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