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Collagen Supplements: Skincare Superhero or Waste of Money?


It started with SugarBearHair — in 2016, the pastel blue gummy bears began appearing in Instagram posts by the Kardashians, who claimed the chewable vitamins are integral to their haircare and wellness routines. Soon, the bear-shaped supplements began cropping up on the pages of countless other celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski and Vanessa Hudgens.

What is collagen?

Ingestible supplements typically contain hydrolyzed collagen. Through the process of hydrolysis, collagen is broken down into smaller protein chains or amino acids, making it easier for the body to absorb. “[Hydrolyzed collagen] is easily dissolved in beverages and in food due to its lower molecular weight and water solubility,” Dr. Rina Allawh of Schweiger Dermatology elucidates, adding that the collagen used in supplements is typically bovine and marine-derived (some brands sell plant-based collagen, but more on that later).



Source : HYPEBAE – Collagen Supplements: Skincare Superhero or Waste of Money? Edited By, Alexandra Pauly


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