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Dermatologists Love Kojic Acid for Preventing Dark Spots

You likely already know about (and probably use) glycolic and salicylic acids in your beauty routine, but there’s another somewhat under-the-radar acid that deserves some time in the skincare spotlight—particularly if your goal is a brighter, more even complexion. We’re talking about kojic acid, a naturally-derived ingredient. It comes from mushrooms (more on that in a minute) and is excellent at fading hyperpigmentation and discoloration AKA dark spots. It works well both on its own and when paired with other lightening ingredients, not to mention also acts as an antioxidant.

Ahead, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Y. Claire Chang, MD, of Union Square Laser Dermatology, Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, of Hudson Dermatology & Laser Surgery, and Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group explain why and how kojic acid works, who should give it a whirl, and which products to try.

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Source: Byrdie – Dermatologists Love Kojic Acid for Preventing Dark Spots By, Melanie Rud


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