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Ditching This One Ingredient Could Give You Your Healthiest Skin Yet

It’s safe to say that gluten has a controversial reputation in the food world. One in 10 people in the UK now actively avoid gluten in their diet and in recent years this mounting statistic has paved the way for a boom in the gluten-free food industry. Restaurants, cafes and supermarkets now dedicate entire menus and aisles to gluten-free meals and produce.

According to some coeliacs, using creams, soaps, shower gels and other beauty and wellness products containing gluten has resulted in mild to severe skin reactions.

Gluten-free skincare seems to be gaining traction in other corners of the internet, too, with gluten-free creators on TikTok sharing their love for skincare brands like CeraVe, The Ordinary and Glossier — all of which offer gluten-free products.

Although a handful of people in the coeliac community stress the importance of avoiding gluten in skincare, it seems the evidence is mainly anecdotal. Consultant dermatologist Dr Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City says that gluten is usually only an issue when ingested. “Generally, gluten is processed when entered through the gut and identified by our immune system in the mucosa of the digestive tract,” she explains. “But certainly our skin can become sensitised to many types of allergens that we introduce to our skin.” Dr Greenfield stresses that a food allergy is very different from a skin allergy but suggests that certain areas may be affected by topical products.



Source : Refinery29 – Ditching This One Ingredient Could Give You Your Healthiest Skin Yet Edited By, Alicia Lansom

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