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Do You Need To Exercise Your Face, Too? Here’s What Experts Are Saying


It’s safe to say that over the past 12 months many people’s physical self-care routines have been stepped up a few notches, perhaps due to the temporary closure of spas or simply to satiate a desire to feel soothed and pampered and confident when so many other factors felt out of control. Or maybe a bit of both. In any case, with an increase in the awareness of options that can be done from home came a renewed interest in facial exercise, an allegedly centuries-old practice (some say it was part of Cleopatra’s often mythicized beauty routine) to achieve the same benefits regular workouts offer the body.

Facial Exercise: What Is It?

Simply put, facial exercise is exactly what it sounds like it is. Just as is the case with your body, fitness practices create muscle tone and the theory here is that toning for face this way will help combat the sagging effects of gravity as well as increase the appearance of volume, which is also lost with age. “If you think of the sagging face as being the result of gravitational pull on the facial muscles, one way to combat this (particularly on the mid cheeks, jowls, and smile line) is to regularly exercise these muscles,” explains Dr. David Goldberg, author of Light Years Younger and Secrets of Great Skin. “Think of this as the same thing we do with our core muscles. Core muscle exercise helps the muscles of the abdomen — and we can do the same for our face.”



Source : The Zoe Report – Do You Need To Exercise Your Face, Too? Here’s What Experts Are Saying Edited By, Ashley Tibbits

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