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Everything You Wanted to Ask About Blackheads

There are lots of different types of acne, but there is nothing like waking up to a new family of blackheads taking residence on your nose to put a damper on your day. While acne (which affects up to 50 million people, according to the American Academy of Dermatology) is nothing to be embarrassed about, we understand the desire to want your skin to look and feel its best. That is why if you are specifically dealing with blackheads, we wanted to give you all the black and white details (pun, intended) of what they are, why they occur, and how to prevent them.

What is a blackhead?

Blackheads, aka open comedones (clogged hair follicles), are a form of acne that occurs when enlarged pores are filled with sebum and bacteria. Sebum is your skin’s natural oil that is secreted through your sebaceous glands (oil glands) to keep your skin hydrated.

“Blackheads get their name and clinical appearance because air oxidizes the sebum at the opening on the skin surface causing it to turn a black-ish color. If you’ve ever squeezed out or extracted a blackhead, you will notice that the top portion is black, but the rest is a cream or white color,” says Jennifer David, D.O., a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group.

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Source: Sunday Edit – Everything You Wanted to Ask About Blackheads By, Christa Lee


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