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Experts Share How to Prevent and Soothe Post-Wax Breakouts

Getting any part of your body waxed can be a true ordeal, especially for those of us who have an unimpressively low pain tolerance. So if you experience breakouts in the area that was treated after overcoming all that discomfort, it can easily be a deterrent from booking another appointment. To figure out why these post-wax blemishes happen and — more importantly — how to prevent and treat them, we consulted with the experts. Dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group, Tara Rao, MD share their tips to getting rid of these frustrating bumps once and for all.

Unsurprisingly, slathering on hot wax and ripping it off can cause some irritation, but you could allay a good deal of it by talking with your esthetician before your treatment. Rao says to inquire about the heat of the wax (it should not be scalding) and the ingredients of the post-procedure gel being used (if you have sensitivities to certain ingredients, this is especially important).

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Source: Spotlyte – Experts Share How to Prevent and Soothe Post-Wax Breakouts By, Audrey Noble


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