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Get the Look: Kate Middleton’s Gorgeous Skin and Natural Makeup

Through the centuries, the world has grown increasingly enamored with British royalty. Perhaps it’s the enchanting notion of days spent in ancient and storied castles and easy access to bejeweled crowns and luxurious clothing.

Her Royal Highness, Catherine Middleton, is perhaps the best example of this. The duchess has gracefully basked in the spotlight since marrying Prince William in 2011 and is indisputably the epitome of wholesome elegance. It’s no wonder, then, that people want to dress like her, smell like her, wear their hair like her, and even look like her. To better pinpoint how to create a similar visage, we consulted Dr. Michele Farber, a cosmetic dermatologist at NYC’s Schweiger Dermatology Group.

“Kate is undeniably beautiful,” says Dr. Farber. “Some of her most stunning features are her defined cheeks, smooth skin, perfectly sculpted brow, and a wrinkle-free forehead.” While we don’t know the specifics of Kate’s skin care regimen, read on for some ideas about what you could consider to look more like Kate.

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Source: Spotlyte – Get the Look: Kate Middleton’s Gorgeous Skin and Natural Makeup By, Wendy Rose Gould

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