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How Bad Are Disposable Razors For The Environment?

About a month ago, I received a pitch email in my way-too-full inbox that caught my attention: “Plastic razors are the new plastic straws,” its subject line declared.

The topic wasn’t one I’d given much thought to in the past. Yes, I’ve been paying attention to the debate surrounding plastic straws and plastic bags. Yes, I know that our oceans are severely polluted with plastic waste, posing a threat to many different species.

If you’re looking to cut down on your disposable razor usage, there are a number of alternatives out there.

For example, if shaving is your go-to option, you could always try a steel safety razor, which uses replacement blades and can last for years. On top of being more environmentally friendly, safety razors are known to cause less irritation on the skin and are particularly good for those with sensitive skin types.

“If you have sensitive skin, fewer blades will be more gentle on your skin. More blades just means that there are more razors scraping across the skin, more risk of irritation and more stripping of oils,” Dr. Jeremy Fenton, a dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group NYC, told HuffPost via email.

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Source: HuffPost – How Bad Are Disposable Razors For The Environment? By, Julia Brucculieri


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