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How to Choose the Best Clay Mask for Your Skin

Clay Mask


The earthy ingredient takes a more sophisticated turn in a number of new facial remedies, from melting creams to sheet masks.

Clay might not be the most high-tech beauty ingredient — the fine, earthy sediment has been used in facial remedies for centuries — but it’s one of the most efficient. When used in a paste or scrub, it is particularly adept at temporarily removing “surface oil and bacteria,” says the New York City dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, and can lead to a cleaner, brighter-looking complexion. Yet, slathering on clay is not always pleasant: The mineral-rich substance has the texture of thick mud, is messy to apply and often becomes dry and flaky when spread on the face. But there is a better way.


Source: The New York Times Style Magazine – How to Choose the Best Clay Mask for Your Skin By, Kari Molvar


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