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How to Deal With Underboob Sweat, According to Dermatologists

While sweating anywhere on your body isn’t exactly pleasant, underboob sweat can be particularly icky. It happens not because this area necessarily sweats more than the rest of the body — rather, moisture tends to get trapped where your breasts meet your torso. “The skin hangs and folds on itself, leaving less air to evaporate the sweat,” explains dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian. Wedge a bra band in between those folds of skin and it’s not uncommon to wind up with chafing and irritation from the wet fabric rubbing up against you.

As Nazarian explains, “topical anti-perspirants are fair game to use in this area.” Although this means you could theoretically apply whatever anti-perspirant you use on your pits to the skin under your breasts, she says you should be mindful of “using one that’s unlikely to irritate the delicate skin” there.



Source : The Strategist – How to Deal With Underboob Sweat, According to Dermatologists Edited By, Dominique Pariso

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