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How to Identify Your Breakout

Breakouts: They happen to the best of us. Whether you’re 14 or 40, breakouts are just one those things that most of us have to deal with. They’re also completely natural — there’s nothing to be ashamed of and the only one who can make you self-conscious about them is yourself. The sooner you break that self-recrimination cycle, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel.


What it is: Blackheads are the easiest zits to spot, since they literally feature a black head. These occur when a plug (made of a combo of dead skin cells, surface debris, and oil) forms in a pore. “When the dead skin cells in the open pore react with oxygen in the air, they oxidize and form what we see as a blackhead,” says Kautilya Shaurya, MD, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.

How to treat it: The trick to clearing out blackheads is straightforward: Remove the dead skin cells contributing to the clog in question. Dr. Shaurya recommends a chemical exfoliant, such as alpha-hydroxy acid, to “dissolve” and dislodge the plug.

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Source: The Glow Edit – How to Identify Your Breakout By, Deanna Pai


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