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How to Smooth Those 2 Vertical Wrinkles That Form Between Your Eyebrows

Vertical Wrinkles


Look in the mirror, push your eyebrows together, and you may see two lines form in between your brows. These, ladies, are often referred to as “the elevens.” The elevens are vertical frown lines that sit between your brows and look exactly like the number they’re named after. Not everyone gets them, but many people do and for them, trying to figure out how to minimize their appearance is par for the skincare course. With dermatologist insight, we’ve broken down what the elevens are, how they form, and how to minimize them.

It’s possible you may notice them at any age, adds Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist with NYC’s Schweiger Dermatology Group“. She notes, “It depends on your own personal facial expressions, the strength of your muscles, and how frequently you make the facial expressions that contract that central muscle.”


Source: Spotlyte – How to Smooth Those 2 Vertical Wrinkles That Form Between Your Eyebrows By, Wendy Rose Gould