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How To Tackle The Most Common Skin Concerns By Age

How To Tackle The Most Common Skin Concerns By Age


Aging is natural and universal—in fact, it’s a privilege—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nurture and care for your complexion throughout the process. It’s not about preventing skin aging altogether (because, let’s be clear, that is physically impossible), but rather about feeling confident in your own skin at every stage in your life.

Everyone’s skin is unique, of course, but the general trajectory often goes like this: In our 20s, life is good—skin care is mostly preventative. When we hit our 30s, the first signs of aging (AKA fine lines) often start to show up. In our 40s, our skin tone might start to become dull and uneven. By the time we’re in our 50s, our skin loses much of its intrinsic hydration, leading to dryness and loss of firmness, which can accentuate deeper wrinkles.

“You’ll see the first signs of skin aging where you move your face the most,” explains Michele Farber, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. These lines don’t look deep just yet (hence why they’re called “fine”), so using the right topical ingredients will help prevent existing lines from deepening and visibly reduce their appearance. Which ingredient reigns supreme? “Topically, retinols or retinoids can help with [this type of] superficial wrinkling,” Dr. Farber advises.


Source : Elle – How To Tackle The Most Common Skin Concerns By Age By, Rebecca Dancer


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