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How to Tell If Your “New” Baby Hair Is Actually Breakage

First things first, styling baby hair isn’t new. People of color (Black and Latinx folks in particular) have been doing it since at least the ’90s. But over the past few years, baby hairs have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Take a look at fashion runways or the grid of any Instagram baddie worth her weight in Fashion Nova affiliate links — you’ll see those delicate, fine strands around the hairline artfully (and in some cases not-so-artfully) swooped and gelled down.

Christine Shaver, a dermatologist at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York City reminds us that “it’s important to differentiate genetic ‘baby hair’ from broken hair and miniaturized hair as they all can look similar. If hair is broken, then styling practices need to be reassessed as heat, chemical, and over-styling can cause more brittleness and cracking,” she says. “Miniaturization is the shrinking of hair in genetic hair loss and can occur in both men and women.”

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Source: Allure – How to Tell If Your “New” Baby Hair Is Actually Breakage By, Janell Hickman

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