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I Used To Wash My Face With Dish Soap. Here’s My Attempt At A Skincare Routine

Dish washing soap on a scrub


When I tell you I horrified my coworkers, I mean I horrified my coworkers.

I am almost too ashamed to say why. Almost.

But fuck it: On occasion, I used to wash my face with dish soap. This wasn’t a daily routine, mind you, but rather something I’d do if my face was feeling especially greasy or dirty.

To be clear: I didn’t think my dish soap routine was necessarily good or right, I just didn’t care to do anything else. With time — and after internalizing the horror of people smarter than me — I decided maybe I was being shortsighted. Or at least I should try something else. It’s probably not ideal to have absolutely no skincare routine. I didn’t think I’d ever be a person to have an elaborate, 20-minute skincare ordeal, but it might be worth seeing if basic products and a simple routine was better than Dawn.

So I hit up an expert. Well, I hit up an expert who knows experts, Mashable’s own Chloe Bryan, who was well aware of, and disturbed by, my fucked up skincare habits. She was happy — nay relieved — to help, which led to me getting in touch with Dr. Jeremy Fenton at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York.



Source : Mashable – I Used To Wash My Face With Dish Soap. Here’s My Attempt At A Skincare Routine. Edited By, Tim Marcin


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