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In Praise of Sweat

In many cultures, perspiring is seen as integral to physical and spiritual well-being. The latest related holistic products respect this natural process, and smell good, too.

The part of sweating that’s less cherished, of course, is the ensuing scent. Pure perspiration, when it’s first released from your pores, is sterile and odorless; it’s the reaction of sweat mixing with the bacteria on your skin that can cause a pungent aroma, says the New York dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian. Antiperspirants can minimize the issue by blocking the pores with aluminum salts. But concerns about the safety of these formulas have inspired some to seek out alternatives, including natural, aluminum-free versions that neutralize smells rather than inhibiting sweat.



Source : The New York Times Style Magazine – In Praise of Sweat Edited By, Kari Molvar


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