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Kim Kardashian’s Defense Against Dark Eye Circles

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Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group tells Allure why Kim Kardashian’s defense against dark eye circles is a good idea.

While it may seem like makeup mogul Kim Kardashian can do no wrong when it comes to her oft-envied beauty looks, she recently took to her app to share the one thing she swears she’ll “never do again.” The offender? “Super white under-eye.”

The look comes as a result of using a light shade of concealer under your eyes to brighten up dark circles, and when it’s done the right way, it can help you look natural and more more awake. Makes sense in Kim K’s case, considering it’s still unclear when, exactly, she finds time to sleep. But when done incorrectly and put in front of flashbulbs, this trick can look a bit harsh.

Thankfully, Kardashian says she’s finally mastered the art of properly applying concealer so that her least favorite look won’t ever happen again — “I do three-to-four steps and I’ve finally perfected it,” she wrote on her app — just in time for her own line of KKW Beauty concealers to launch, later this year.

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Source: Allure – Kim Kardashian Says She’ll Never Use “Super White” Undereye Concealer Again, By Zoe Weiner

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