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Laser Tattoo Removal: From Prep to Aftercare, Here’s What to Expect

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No one gets a tattoo thinking they’ll want it removed, but circumstances change and tastes evolve. That’s where science and technology step in — in the late ’60s, doctors began experimenting with lasers and discovered that focused light beams can break up tattoo ink, allowing the body to absorb the pigment and remove it via natural processes. Since then, the laser-powered removal process has been refined, resulting in fewer and less severe side effects such as scarring and skin discoloration. Now, professionals favor Q-switched lasers such as the Lumenis and photomechanical lasers including the PicoSure.

Despite the relative ease of modern-day tattoo removal, those in the market for un-inked skin will need to prepare for multiple removal sessions, as well as pre and post-procedure downtime. HYPEBAE consulted experts about what to expect from your first tattoo removal session, as well as the risks that come with going bare.

Before booking, adjust your expectations

“I always tell people that tattoo ‘removal’ is a misnomer,” Dr. Jeremy Fenton of Schweiger Dermatology says. “It is very difficult to completely remove a tattoo. Most people have to settle for a lightening of the tattoo, and if you look closely, you will often see some remnant of ink,” the board certified dermatologist explains.


Source : HYPEBAE – Laser Tattoo Removal: From Prep to Aftercare, Here’s What to Expect Edited By, Alexandra Pauly


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