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Men, Your Bald Spot Looks Great

The embarrassment many men feel about losing their hair doesn’t diminish over the generations. What changes are the available treatments and the coping strategies.

For instance, our fathers didn’t have Tressless, since 2011 Reddit’s “most popular online community for hair loss and balding,” where users post selfies of their hairline for crowdsourced advice, and debate the effectiveness of various pills, shampoos and lotions.

Nor did the balding men of yore have the option of hair-replacement surgery performed by a robot. The technology debuted in 2011 and “like everything, it gets better and better,” said Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, a dermatologist and Columbia University clinical professor who performs the robotic procedure in his Manhattan clinic.

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Source: The New York Times – Men, Your Bald Spot Looks Great By, Steven Kurutz


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