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Moth Bean Extract Is the New Plant-Based Retinol Alternative to Know

Retinol is an all-star ingredient beloved by dermatologists everywhere, but for years, many people with sensitive skin opted out of using it due to the flaking and redness it can cause. Then came bakuchiol in 2018, a plant-based ingredient that multitasks just as well as retinol—boosting brightness, strengthening collagen, firming and smoothing—sans irritation. Fast forward a few years and there’s now a new alt-retinol in town called moth bean extract, here to give bakuchiol some friendly competition.

Even though the extract isn’t a vitamin A derivative like retinol, it has similar benefits. Like retinol, moth bean extract encourages skin-cell turnover and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. Those aren’t its only superpowers, either. Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, says that those antioxidants can also help to shield your skin against future environmental damage and premature aging.

Moth bean extract can also brighten your complexion, which is another perk of using retinol. “It has shown anti-melanin behavior, which can be used to even skin tone from sun-damage, lightening sun spots and freckles,” says Dr. Nazarian.

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Source: Well+Good – Moth Bean Extract Is the New Plant-Based Retinol Alternative to Know By, Rachel Lapidos

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