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Quick Q: Should I Be Applying Skin Care On Wet Skin?

Wet Skin


Even the most seasoned skin-care enthusiasts might have some missteps in their daily routine — like not knowing what order to apply different products in or mixing ingredients that don’t play well together by accident. Another one of these skin-care mishaps is a habit we all are guilty of: drying our face before applying products. And as it turns out, skin care is actually best applied to wet or damp skin, according to dermatologist Michelle Farber, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology. We spoke with Dr. Farber about why this is the case, what the benefits are and how to know if it might be a vital step for you.

Why Should You Apply Skin-Care Products to Damp Skin?

“The benefit is allowing your skin to better absorb the main ingredients in your products,” says Dr. Farber. When your skin is wet and permeable, it allows most products to penetrate through more easily. However, with damp skin-care comes responsibility, she adds, like “choosing the right products for your skin, making sure you don’t overdo it with too many products and adding appropriate moisturizers to help keep your regimen balanced.”


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