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Some companies give bonuses. These companies grant wishes.

Dream On

The ‘Dream On’ approach to holiday gifting treats workers to race car driving lessons, trips overseas – and even finding missing relatives
Some companies are going beyond year-end bonuses by making their workers’ dreams come true.

The Schweiger Dermatology Group has also brought Dream On to its NYC practice. The company was suffering 60% turnover in 2016, so it created a “director of employee experience” role to give its hiring process and its employee experience a complete makeover. That included really listening to employees’ needs — and granting them where it could. “Most of our employees are made up of medical assistants and front desk receptionists making $30,000 to $60,000 a year salaries, and they are usually caretakers of family members, and living paycheck to paycheck,” said Ana Welsh, the vice president of employee experience. “We realized they were leaving us to go work somewhere else to make another quarter an hour because they were struggling.”


Source: Market Watch – Some companies give bonuses. These companies grant wishes. By, Nicole Lyn Pesce