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The One Serum Dermatologists Swear by to Promote New Hair Growth

There’s nothing more stressful than thinning hair. We’re not just talking about thin hair that needs a boost of volume, but seriously thin hair that wasn’t always thin. While hair loss is more commonly discussed in men, it is a completely normal thing for women to experience too, and there are many reasons why it might start.

“The causes of hair loss in women can be quite varied and complex. The main reason is genetic and is often referred to as female pattern alopecia, or hair loss,” Dr. Christine Shaver of Bernstein Medical in New York City told SheFinds. “Common medical conditions that cause hair loss include thyroid and auto-immune disease, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, anemia and crash dieting. In contrast to causing actual thinning seen in genetic hair loss, these conditions actually cause hair to fall out. This hair loss can often be reversed by correcting the underlying cause.”

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Source: SheFinds – The One Serum Dermatologists Swear by to Promote New Hair Growth By, Robyn Turk


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