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The Problem With Pinterest’s Homemade Sunscreen Recipes

People are really into do-it-yourself sunscreen ― particularly Pinterest users, according to recent research.

A study published in the journal Health Communication examined how people share information about homemade sunscreen on the inspiration board website and concluded that almost 95% of pins about homemade sunscreen portray it in a positive light.

Additionally, as reported by OneZero, the research indicates 68% of the pins recommended a sunscreen recipe that didn’t sufficiently protect against the sun.

Additionally, if you’re using a product you whipped up in your kitchen, “there is little way to know the effectiveness of what you are using. How protective will it be? Will it stay on the skin or come off easily?” Dr. Nava Greenfield, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, New York, pointed out.

Theoretically, an at-home sunscreen could work, Greenfield said, “but you need to know the science behind the products to know if it will be safe and effective.”

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Source: HuffPost – The Problem With Pinterest’s Homemade Sunscreen Recipes By, Julia Brucculieri


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