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The Rise of the Minimalist Skincare Routine

At the peak of Aurora Hinz’s skincare routine, she was using 10 products, most of them on a daily basis: Two face washes, a toner, a serum, two moisturizers, sheet masks, an exfoliant, and two over-the-counter acne treatments. Hinz had struggled with breakouts for years, and when skincare came into fashion, she decided to stop covering up her acne with makeup, and instead get to the root of the problem with skincare. She typically bought the products from brands like Cosrx, Innisfree, and Tony Moly, where each item cost her between $10 and $50.

There was a sense in which it seemed more virtuous, Hinz said. Foregoing layers of concealer for “natural” cleansers and creams felt, well, natural. Besides, it was fun: Hinz, who is Korean, enjoyed getting swept up in new Korean beauty trends that were just making their way overseas when she was in high school. But after years of trying to calm her skin with several hundred dollars worth of products and few noticeable results, Hinz saw a dermatologist in 2017, and ditched the bulk of her skincare routine in favor of products prescribed or approved by her doctor. They worked.

“A skincare regimen is just one part of the bigger plan to achieving your best skin, so investing excessive time and money in products is not always that productive,” Tara Rao, a dermatologist at New York’s Schweiger Dermatology Group, wrote in an email. “Often, someone with breakout-prone or inflamed skin will incorporate additional products and steps in an effort to cure the issue … While [they] can help manage the issue, there is a lot of … trial [and error] that does not always have a happy ending.”

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Source: Vice – The Rise of the Minimalist Skincare Routine By, Marie Solis

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