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The Skincare Ingredient You Should Be Adding to Your Haircare Routine

Taking care of your skin doesn’t stop at your face. Sure, you may have heard this from the dermatologists you follow on TikTok and Instagram for skincare tips. You’ve also probably come across articles on sites like this one about the best skincare products to use on your neck and chest. But the scalp is another area of the body that deserves some TLC, too.

It’s not easy to see your scalp because you have a full head of hair covering it, but it’s still skin, which is why you’ll find common skincare ingredients in scalp care and even haircare products. Take hyaluronic acid for example. It’s a popular ingredient known for attracting moisture to the skin for a plumper, dewier complexion. And it just so happens it has similar benefits when applied to your head.

Before you bring your hyaluronic acid serum in the shower with you, we tapped Yates, along with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group, to break down how to use the ingredient on your scalp and hair. Read on for all the details on incorporating hyaluronic acid in your haircare routine.



Source : InStyle – The Skincare Ingredient You Should Be Adding to Your Haircare Routine Edited By, Erin Lukas

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