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This Is My Skincare Routine Whenever I Get a Sunburn

Southern Italian genetics be damned, there’s not a day I spend in the sun that I don’t come back with some kind of burn. Even a mere 15 minutes spent walking to the store in the heat leaves me with an awkward T-shirt tan line, with or without the application of sunscreen. My English fianc√©, who spent most of his life under the cloud cover of London, makes fun of me for constantly reapplying my SPF 100 when we’re at the beach; he can somehow get away with using just SPF 30. So when summer rolls around each year, I prepare myself for the inevitable burns and try to minimize the damage to my skin as much as possible.

This season, I asked the pros for advice on what products I should stop using as soon as I get a burn. According to Nava Greenfield, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York, I should avoid potentially irritating products with alpha or beta hydroxyl acids (which remove dead skin) as well as those with strong fragrances. “Anything you apply will penetrate deeper than normal and be more absorbed into your bloodstream due to the impaired skin barrier during a burn,” Dr. Greenfield explains.

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Source: HelloGiggles –¬†This Is My Skincare Routine Whenever I Get a Sunburn By, Kristin Magaldi

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