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What Derms Want You to Know About “Controversial” Skin-Care Ingredients


These days, there’s unfortunately a lot of fear mongering that comes with shopping for beauty products. Whether it’s due to the clean beauty movement or the endless breadth of unvetted skin-care information available on the internet, certain ingredients used in cosmetics have gained quite the reputation. In an effort to help you cut through the noise (and make the hunt for the next game-changing moisturizer as inspiring and fun as it should be), we’ve asked top dermatologists and a cosmetic chemist for a cosmetic ingredient review (aka: their no-B.S. opinions on the most talked-about ingredients in beauty).


While preservatives are the most disputed ingredient in skin care, they’re also the most necessary. Any product with water on the label (and that’s most of them) requires a preservative to keep bacteria and mold from growing in it.

So why the controversy? Much of the worry surrounding preservatives stems specifically from studies done on parabens. “The concern came from the potential of parabens to mimic estrogen in the body,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology. …“Subsequent studies have shown that parabens in cosmetics are unlikely to cause estrogenic harm to humans,” she says. Also, the FDA investigated the ingredient and found that the concentration of parabens being used in cosmetics was found to be “completely safe,” says Dr. Nazarian.

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Source: Well+Good – What Derms Want You to Know About “Controversial” Skin-Care Ingredients By, Rachel Lapidos

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