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What Is Skin Fasting and Should You Try It?

Skin Fasting


Intermittent fasting is the diet trend of the moment, but when it comes to your skin care routine, there’s a new trend bubbling up called skin fasting. Skin fasting is a Japanese beauty hack where you go one or two days without applying any products to your skin to allow it to detox and breathe.

Dr. Nava Greenfield of Schweiger Dermatology Group in Brooklyn, New York says it depends on your skin type.

“If you have oily skin, without a wash to de-grease, you may end up breaking out. If you have very dry skin (and that is not always correlated with your body’s hydration/volume status), then you may cause more dryness and itching or an eczema breakout as a result,” Greenfield says. If you have normal skin without any predispositions to any skin conditions or diseases, then skin fasting may actually be beneficial as it stops exposure to chemicals and preservatives that may be causing some harm (like irritation or allergic reactions) to your skin, she says.


Source: Total Beauty- What Is Skin Fasting and Should You Try It? By, Carmen Williams