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What to Do Now to Have Better Skin Tomorrow, Next Year, and 10 Years From Now

When it comes to skincare results, we’re total Veruca Salts—we want them now. But the reality is, for most skincare products, you can’t expect to see actual, tangible results until you’ve used them consistently for several weeks. It’s true that patience is a virtue since consistent application and preventative care will serve you well as you age. But back to wanting the works right away. What can we do today to have better skin tomorrow, you know, aside from injectables? We turned to three top dermatologists for their sage advice on how to get better skin in 24 hours (it’s possible), as well as how to do our due diligence to ensure our skin is even surpassing its full potential a decade from now (and beyond).

Tara Rao, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group is a big fan of these glow-inducing peels for immediate results. If done in-office, a high concentration of glycolic acid (around 40%) is applied to the skin for around two minutes and then wiped off to reveal glowing, more even skin. The acid dissolves inactive top layer cells as well as lightens discoloration by removing hyperpigmented skin cells.

Very simply, Rao says sleep and hydration are “key” for a “quick fix.” Drinking water may not help with skin maturation, but it does reduce swelling. Being dehydrated from not drinking enough water, eating salty foods, etc. can cause the body to retain water, especially under the eyes and along the contours of the face.

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Source: Byrdie – What to Do Now to Have Better Skin Tomorrow, Next Year, and 10 Years From Now By, Lindsey Metrus


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