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Yes, You Can Do Something About Big Pores

Big Pores


Unless you somehow won the genetic lottery and have the practically invisible pores that many of us dream about, you’ve probably griped about yours at some point. Not only are they literally the source of every breakout, they can also be to blame for uneven, rough-looking texture. The bigger your pores are, the more uneven your complexion can appear. Luckily, keeping your pores looking tight and small is a fairly easy fix that comes from exfoliation and one of the biggest benefits of anti-aging skincare: firmer skin. Keep reading for the skinny on smoothing and shrinking and the regimen reboot to get them in shape.

There are plenty of factors that can cause skin damage and accelerate the pore-stretching process. These include going overboard with exfoliants and too much sun exposure, which can send your oil glands into turbo drive and cause more problems. “Overactive oil glands can also cause pores to look larger,” explains Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. “When the oil glands thicken and get bigger, they surround the pore making it look larger and deeper — in a way enhancing the edges of it.” She adds that people with chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin, such as rosacea, may also notice large pores due to cumulative damage to the skin.


Source: Spotlyte – Yes, You Can Do Something About Big Pores By, Nykia Spradley




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