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Zendaya Shares Her Struggle With Hormonal Acne in the Most Relatable Way


Hormonal Acne


What’s not to love about Zendaya? Practically an earth angel, she’s multitalented, smart, socially conscious, and way more graceful than probably most people in their early 20s could hope for. (Just us?) Well, like most 21-year-olds, Zendaya is not exempt from the horror that is hormonal acne. You may be under the impression that her skin is flawlessly glowing 365 days of the year, but in true Zendaya fashion, she kept it real yesterday, letting her 14 million Twitter followers know that she’s so over it.

“My hormonal breakouts popping up every month unwelcome, just when I think I got my skin on lock,” she tweeted along with one of the internet’s favorite America’s Next Top Model GIFs. Naturally, the multi-hyphenate received a flood of comments from Twitter users who share the same sentiments. Celebs, they’re just like us.

“Studies have shown that dairy can worsen acne,” says Jeremy Fenton, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “Dairy has been shown to stimulate testosterone production in people who consume it, and spikes in testosterone can worsen acne. Dairy also naturally contains its own hormones such as estrogen, which can exert their own impact on a person’s hormonal balance.” The worst culprit, believe it or not, is fat-free dairy. Fenton explains that removing fat from the dairy concentrates its food items and causes them to be absorbed by the body faster, meaning hormonal spikes occur more quickly.


Source: Byrdie – Zendaya Shares Her Struggle With Hormonal Acne in the Most Relatable Way By, Lindsey Metrus


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