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Acne Mistakes You Might Be Making

June 2021 is Acne Awareness Month. In an effort to help improve your acne, here are tips on the 7 worst acne mistakes you might be making. If any of these sound familiar, it might be time to change your skin care ways.

Acne Mistake # 1: You’re Not Being Nice to Your Skin

Being too harsh on your acne can further irritate your skin and worsen your acne. The skin is a very sensitive organ and using gentle cleansers instead of abrasive scrubs can prevent an acne flare to occur. Let your acne treatment medicine do the hard labor and lay off the hard stuff.

Acne Mistake # 2: You’re Only Doing One Thing

Acne is not created equal and neither are acne treatments. Acne comes in many different forms: cysts, nodules. blackheads, whiteheads. Rather than using only one ingredient, which may only address one type of acne lesion, talk to your dermatologist and seek out a combination approach. Using a mix of in-office treatments and at-home care can help treat your acne breakouts in a much better way.

Acne Mistake #3: You’re DIY-ing it

Stop looking at Pinterest for the answers to your acne problems. The hard work has already been done and scientists have spent a lot of time developing very effective acne medications. Speak to a dermatologist and get a prescription of an acne treatment guaranteed to clear your acne and save your skin the side-effects of using harsh pantry ingredient from the kitchen.

Acne Mistake #4: You’re Getting Handsy

We know how tempting it is to pop your pimples. You gathered all the tools and even “sterilized” them. But when you pop your own pimples, you’re really doing more harm than good. Popping your acne will only increase your chances of leaving a scar. Plus it can leave a mark that will stain the skin for weeks to come. Visit your dermatologist for a super-quick cortisone injection instead of an at-home session of bathroom surgery. In fact, many insurances will cover the cost of a cortisone shot.

Acne Mistake #5: You’re Fueling the Fire

As soon as you get a pimple, you grab makeup to cover it up. If your makeup is oil-based, it could actually be causing new breakouts. Every product that’s placed on your skin should be labeled as “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic.” After all your efforts to keep your skin looking its best, it would be shame to let your makeup sabotage you.

Acne Mistake #6: You’re Ignoring the Problem

Many patients suffer with acne for years before going to see a dermatologist. Neglecting your pimples is one of the worst ways to approach acne. Whether you have a mild case or severe cystic acne, if it’s something that is making you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to motivate and see a dermatologist

Acne Mistake #7: You’re Not Giving it Enough Time

Acne treatments and medications do work, but not overnight. Keep in mind that it can take up to one month before your skin can clear up. When you skip a day of your acne treatment plan, it will delay the results. Try and focus on the big picture and think of how great you will feel when your complexion is clear.

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