How to Make Your Manicures Safer

Making Your Manicures and Pedicures Safer

Are you practicing risky behavior at the nail salon? You may be putting yourself at high risk for a fungal infection on your fingernails without even realizing it. Regardless of how high-end or clean your regular nail salon looks, there could still be harmful bacteria lurking on the instruments.

The best way to fight an infection at the nail salon is to bring in your own instruments. That way you can be certain they are clean and won’t introduce a nasty infection into your nails (the medical term for that is ‘paronychia‘). Here are some other measures you can take to ensure you walk away from the nail salon with a beautiful mani and pedi and not swollen, red and painful skin:

Never Let the Manicurist Use a Razor

If the manicurist asks you if you want a razor or callous removing instrument on your feet, the answer should be a flat-out “no.” With one false move, that razor could slice open your skin, leaving it easily accessible to infections (and not to mention pain!). Instead, use a pumice stone at home to get rid of dead, rough skin.

Make Sure the Foot Basin Has Been Disinfected

A simple wipe down with soap and water will not do the trick. Make sure the salon worker has used bleach or other antibacterial solvents to really kill any potential bacteria.

Say No to Cuticle Cutting

Snipping away at the cuticle is where you can really get into trouble. When the cuticle is cut to excess, you are damaging the nail area and it is quite painful. If the instrument used to cut the cuticle contains bacteria, then you will be introducing it to the deeper layers of the dermis and this can cause an infection that’s very difficult to treat. Instead, use a cuticle oil at-home to soften the cuticle area. There is no need to cut them. Try Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil.

Let Your Nails Air Dry

Also say no to the UV light when it’s time for drying your nails. Going under the blue UV at the nail salon is no different than putting yourself in direct sunlight. Take the extra time to air dry and you won’t be damaging your skin.

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