Fat Free: How to Sculpt & Tone Your Body Before Summer

Fat Free: How to Sculpt & Tone Your Body Before Summer

Lady getting her body toning before the summer arrives
Spring is finally here! Even though the temps are still bringing a chill to our bones, summer will be here before you know it. And with summertime comes swimsuits, tiny tank tops and other body-conscious styles. But how can you step out in body-conscious clothes when you’re body self-conscious? Regardless of how much calorie-counting and pilates you do, sometimes those bulges and bumps just refuse to vacate the premises. In fact, studies have even shown that exercise usually does not lead to weight loss.

Fat Removal, No Surgery Required

A scalpel and general anesthesia used to be the protocol when it came to removing unwanted fat from the body, but thanks to advanced innovations in technology, we are able to get the body we crave without surgery or anything invasive. One of the best in-office treatments you can experience for fat removal is TruSculpt. Using radiofrequency, TruSculpt is able to target and break up fat cells on the abdomen, love handles, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and upper back–all the key areas that give us those lumps and bumps.

TruSculpt is painless and there’s absolutely no downtime. Rather than being laid up for weeks, as you would be with surgical fat reducing procedures, you can walk out of the office and head back to work. TruSculpt treatments typically take one hour and for best results, patients get two treatments. Rather than beating yourself up about your bulges, try TruSculpt.

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