Botox for Hair

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Here’s the situation: you’ve just spent time and money getting a blowout. Your hair looks amazing. Hopes are, it will remain this way for at least some time. But what happens if you start sweating? Inevitably that blowout probably isn’t going to last as long as you’d like. More and more women are finding that Botox in the scalp (aka “Blo-tox”) can help control the scalp sweating and make that blowout last that much longer.

Botox for Blowouts

People perspire—it’s a fact of life. Sweating along the hairline and on the scalp can lead to frizzy, often uncontrollable hair, not exactly the look and style most of us are going for. Especially once you’ve invested in a blowout, having those beautiful results vanish because of a sweaty scalp is frustrating. Cosmetic dermatologists frequently perform Botox injections on patients’ scalps, thereby controlling the sweating issue and making hair stay stunning throughout the day.

The process is fast, virtually painless and with little to no side effects. As with Botox injections in more typical areas—i.e. forehead, eyes, around the mouth—Botox for the scalp works in much the same way. What happens is that the Botox basically inhibits the glands responsible for perspiration. For busy women who want to be able to keep their shiny, perfect looking hairstyle and yet still workout for instance, this is the ideal solution.

Blo-Tox is all the Rage!

New York City dermatologists especially are finding women clamoring to experience Blo-Tox for themselves. And it is certainly nothing to be self-conscious about. According to Schweiger Dermatology Group’s Dr. Rachel Nazarian: “Many people are embarrassed to admit that they sweat a lot in their scalp. Although it can be quite annoying, it can also get quite expensive if these women are spending tons of money on blowouts and they’re barely lasting the day. Especially in the summertime when people sweat with the higher humidity or when people go to the gym daily, seat along the scalp hairline or in the scalp causes hair to curl and create waves, ruining a fresh blowout.”

The word “frizzy” is nobody’s friend. Scalp Botox injections certainly can help to prevent and eradicate the frizz. Treatments are performed in office and can last anywhere from 3-9 months depending on the individual procedure. The best dermatologists will take the time to first consult with their patients, understand their needs, what they want from the treatment, and even learn about their daily routines, if for example, you are someone who does workout daily, or is prone to experience particularly curly hair on high humidity days.

How Exactly Does Scalp Botox Work?

Many clients who come in for Blo-tox are often faced with the same dilemma: they’ve just spent money on a blowout and yet they also have a scheduled gym time. Needless to say, they don’t want to skip the gym but they also don’t want to sweat excessively and thus lose that glossy gorgeous looking hair they just invested in. Is Blo-tox and option for them? And if so, how does it work?

Botox for Sweating

Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. Botox injections have actually been used for dealing with issues associated with hyperhidrosis for quite some time now. Whether under the arms, the feet, even hands, injections help to control excessive perspiration in these areas—it does the same thing for the scalp. What happens is that the Botox does blocks the neurotransmitter responsible for sending signals to the sweat glands which in turn activates the perspiration response, thereby preventing perspiration from happening. This is one hundred percent FDA approved and has since become one of the most effective ways of dealing with sweating issues along the hairline and scalp.

The number of treatments depends on the individual client. Again, this is why the best dermatologists in New York City take the time to consult with the patient and understand exactly what they are after.

For busy women, juggling work, family, exercise and play, Blo-tox may be a great option as far as being able to do it all and make it look effortless, or at least make sure that your hair makes it look effortless!

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