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How to Properly Store Your Skincare

How to Properly Store Your Skincare

We spoke to Dr. Michele Farber from Schweiger Dermatology Group’s Murray Hill location on how best to store your skincare. Proper storage of your products ensure they last longer and do what they’re meant to do.


Where are the best places to keep certain skincare products?

While most products will have the same efficacy if you keep them on your bathroom shelf, temperature extremes will accelerate the degradation of certain products meaning that they will not last for as long. Less stable skincare products include retinol/retinoid products, vitamin c serums, and natural products without preservatives.


Does keeping them in the bathroom with all the steam shorten their shelf life?

For products that are sensitive to heat and light extremes, they will have a longer shelf life stored outside of the bathroom. The constant humidity of the shower is no comparison to a dark spot without temperature fluctuations outside of the bathroom.


Should we invest in one of those mini skincare fridges that are so popular now on Instagram?

They can be useful but if you are mindful of where you’re putting your skincare products, they’ll still last. However, if you have room and you are serious about your skincare, the mini fridges are designed for skin products because they are at a warmer temperature than the regular fridge. The right temperature and keeping lability products out of light will prolong the shelf life. And your creams will feel incredibly soothing at a cool temperature.

According to Dr. Farber, here are some important things to keep in mind when looking for a home for your products:

  • Vitamin C and retinoid products are light sensitive and can oxidize under bright light and degrade in significant heat. Store these products in a cool, dark place, such as a bedroom armoire.
  • Sunscreen is best kept in a dark cabinet away from significant heat, as temperature extremes can reduce efficacy.

Dr. Michele Farber is a board-certified dermatologist practicing at Schweiger Dermatology Group. Dr. Farber’s expertise includes skin cancer as well as general, cosmetic, and procedural dermatology. She sees patients at our Murray Hill office. To book an appointment with Dr. Farber, click here.


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