Lunchtime Cosmetic Procedures: Skip the Salad and Rejuvenate Your Skin

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Finding time to schedule a cosmetic dermatology treatment can no doubt be tricky. But the good news is that you don’t need to allot for a large chunk of time to really make a difference in your skin. Thanks to the amazing advancements in laser and light technology, there are some effective in-office cosmetic treatments that will have you out the door in less than an hour with no social downtime. Meaning you can get back to your desk and still make that dinner date with no telltale side effects. Here’s a look at the best lunchtime cosmetic procedures.

Leave With a Gorgeous Creamy Glow: Laser Genesis

When you want more than just a facial, Laser Genesis can help you achieve a peaches and cream complexion, while also boosting collagen production. Laser Genesis a high end laser facial that is safe for all skin types,” says Diana Palmisano, a leading cosmetic physician assistant. “It will help to reduce pore size, reduce sebaceous activity, improve overall complexion of the skin. It is a quick yet effective treatment with no downtime.” With Laser Genesis, you’ll feel like you’re getting a relaxing beauty treatment when really all sorts of great things are happening below the surface of your skin. Fine lines, excessive redness and sun damage are all treated with Laser Genesis. No need for any anesthetics, as Laser Genesis is extremely gentle and in fact, feels good on the skin. During the treatment, the skin is gently heated so that collagen regeneration can occur. The results are subtle, but patients love the healthy, rose glow they get after a Laser Genesis session. We recommend a series of about 4-5 treatments to see greater results.

Fight Acne and Aging in One: Red and Blue Light Therapy

The incredible powers of light therapy can help target the acne bacteria as well as reduce inflammation and the redness associated with rosacea. Red and blue light therapy is completely painless and only requires about a 15-minute appointment. Blue LED light targets the acne bacteria deep within the pores, while red light can help boost collagen production as well as fight redness and inflammation. A series of about five sessions are recommended. For the best beauty bang for your buck, purchase a package of one to two sessions a month. Your skin will thank you!

Bid Hair Goodbye: Laser Hair Removal

It may take a few sessions to get rid of all of your unwanted body hair, but booking an appointment for laser hair removal during your lunch hour is a great use of your time. Using a laser to target hair is the only way to truly stop the shaving cycle and get hair-free. There are several different lasers used on the skin, depending on your skin tone. The Gentelamax laser is a terrific option for darker skin tones.

Disappearing Ink: Laser Tattoo Removal

Another treatment that typically takes multiple sessions is laser tattoo removal. Beginning the process of completely removing a tattoo can be done in the amount of time usually reserved for a lunch date. Covering up your tattoo is very easily done thanks to strategic clothing choices. If you have a special event or a job interview coming up that requires skin to be ink-free, it will pay to squeeze in a session any time you can do it.

Shave Off Years in an Instant: Botox

There’s no need to go on about the amazing benefits of Botox, which has become part of the modern day vernacular. One of the major selling points about this neurotoxin is that it can literally erase wrinkles with only a few injections in the right places. Botox takes about a week to show best results, but getting injected takes less time than it does to wait in line for a designer salad.

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