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How Fillers Can Improve Your Appearance

Over time, the collagen in the skin breaks down and we lose a lot of our elasticity. This in turn causes the skin to sag, also contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. The process of aging that the skin undergoes is inevitable. It happens to all of us. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are highly safe, FDA-approved ways to add volume and smoothness to the skin, and to take years off without a costly and incredibly invasive surgical procedure, such as a facelift.

The Popularity of Dermal Fillers

Over one million people turn to dermal fillers per year to help round out the look of their face, plump up sagging or thin areas and rejuvenate otherwise tired looking skin. Dermal fillers are naturally derived substances that are injected into various points on the face, they have also been used on the hands, to relieve foot pain that results from years of wearing high heels and also in the earlobes to firm up and reshape lobes that have been worn down by the stress of heavy earrings.

The process is nearly painless and is performed in the dermatologist’s office even during a lunch break. The results—simply amazing. With dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse you can start to see your skin and complexion transformed almost instantly. Depending on your skin type, the area targeted and the brand of facial filler used, the results can end up lasting anywhere from six months to a year.

Dermal Fillers for the Face

The most popular use of dermal fillers over the years is for various spots on the face. Many look in a mirror, and can’t help but see the signs of aging—this is what stands out and this is consequently what makes them feel self-conscious about their appearance. They want to see skin that looks and acts as young as they feel! They want the sagging and the wrinkles to not be the first thing that stands out.

Dermal fillers are used on a variety of areas. With the temples for instance, small injections into the temple area can help give your temples an “elevated” look—instant facelift. Clients also opt to get dermal fillers in and around the jowls and cheeks to help smooth these areas out and get back that youthfulness that was previously missing. How about under the eyes, where sunken in areas can just make your appearance seem that much more tired and older looking? Also, our cosmetic dermatology providers are experts at using dermal fillers to plump up thin and sagging lips. Patients are thrilled with what they see almost as soon as we are finished.

Having the Right Dermatologist Do Your Dermal Fillers

If you’ve ever heard anything negative about dermal fillers, it is probably because the procedure in question was done by someone who either wasn’t board certified or someone who lacked the proper experience when it comes to injecting these products.

It is so critical that you know exactly who you are working with when it comes to filler injections. Cosmetic dermatologists who are trained, who have dealt with numerous patients and who stay up to date on all the latest techniques always ensure that their patients come away feeling confident in the process and 100% satisfied with the way that they look afterward. You may experience some redness at the site of the injections, but this really should be the extent of after effects if you are in fact under the care of one of the best dermatologists in the business. We have heard of cases where patients don’t do the homework and end up using a less experienced injector, come away with small, uneven bumps underneath the skin’s surface.

Our Job is to Make You Feel More Confident

All we want is for our patients to love what they see when the process is complete. It’s about coming up with a plan that works in terms of what you want, how you want to feel, and how amazing you want your appearance to be when we’re through!

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