Newborn Hair Care and What to Expect

Baby with soft fuzz of hair


Some babies are born completely bald and some with a soft fuzz of hair, while others are blessed with a full head of luscious locks. Whether your newborn comes out ready for a hair commercial or not, there are some things to keep in mind so you can take the very best care of them no matter what.

Hair Loss in Babies

We have news for you, even if your little one has hair, that doesn’t mean it won’t fall out. Some, or even all of it, might disappear within the first six months. But don’t fret; this is completely normal.

Telogen is a common cause of temporary hair loss in babies and adults – this is not to be confused with triangular alopecia where a triangular patch of hair is missing from near the temples. With babies, hair sheds. A lot. You may notice it where her head touches the bed and rubs constantly, she might look like she suffers from male pattern baldness, or the whole lot of it might disappear. But seemingly overnight you may notice new hair growing in its place, often different than the original color and texture. Blonde babies may turn brunette, straight hair may come in wavy. There’s no way to predict it.

For some babies, hair comes back within months, while for others, it could take a couple of years. Don’t bother comparing your child’s hair (or any other part of her) to another baby. Everyone is different.

How to Care for Baby’s Scalp and Hair

Just as it’s important not to over wash a baby’s body, don’t over wash or scrub your baby’s hair and scalp either. The skin is very sensitive to dryness and flaking, so when you do wash it, a quick shampoo with a tearless product a couple times a week is best. Be gentle and massage the scalp. Don’t rush the wash or you could be speeding up hair loss and cause follicle stress.

While it’s cute to style your baby’s hair, it’s better to avoid tight hair ties which can damage fragile hair. For finer hair, you can use a soft-bristle brush or wide-toothed comb to keep those locks in check. These can help with cradle cap too.

For black and biracial baby hair, wash only once a week and apply natural moisturizers like coconut, almond, or avocado oil. Avoid combs and brushes and just use your fingers to maintain those cute curls. When it comes to drying wet hair, use a hair wrap lined with silk or satin instead of friction-causing cottons and wool, which can lead to breakage.

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