Treating Skin Issues for Kids

Skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis are certainly challenging for adults to handle, when a child develops these types of skin conditions it can be even more difficult to deal with. Pediatric dermatologists specialize in treating the types of skin problems that often affect kids. With a variety of techniques and medications available in dermatology today, it is becoming easier to effectively lessen the intensity of the issue and erase the scars and symptoms of the problem.

At Schweiger Dermatology Group, we often deal with kids and their respective skin issues. From warts, to eczema, to various types of fungal infections, we specialize in the very latest dermatology practices in order to bring even our littlest patients the comfort and care they need to feel better about their skin. What are some of the more common issues we encounter as far as skin issues in children? Below are a few that could affect kids and should always be checked out by an experienced and board certified medical dermatologist.

Kids’ Skin Issues: Eczema

Eczema presents as an itchy, red rash most often seen on the face, elbows and scalp area. It may also occur along the back of the knees. This type of condition could develop as early as during the child’s first year of life. While the exact cause of eczema isn’t necessarily known, it can be attributed to a combination of both genetic factors and environmental triggers. Certain types of soaps and detergents or even pollen floating in the air for instance, can all exacerbate the symptoms of eczema. Even excessive sweating can trigger an eczema outbreak.

Treatment of eczema in kids should begin with a consultation with a board-certified pediatric dermatologist. Using some over the counter (OTC) products can sometimes actually worsen the situation. Each child is different and therefore, each child’s eczema needs to be addressed in its own way, whether via anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory medications or prescribed antibiotics. An eczema doctor is the best first step to making your child more comfortable in the long run.

Kids’ Skin Issues: Psoriasis

Psoriasis can definitely be challenging for anyone—child or adult—to cope with. An autoimmune condition, psoriasis is characterized by scaly and itchy skin that can at times flake or crack. Plaque builds up in patches on the skin and causes a host of problems. Especially when affecting children, it is not only painful, but can compel them to feel embarrassed or insecure about themselves. Our pediatric dermatologists make it so kids feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin.

The best dermatologists understand that perhaps a variety of approaches are necessary in order to get the best results. Beyond antibiotics for example, we’ve had tremendous success using photo therapy treatments to address psoriasis. Depending on the child’s age and the severity of their psoriasis, we will explore the treatment options that, taken together, will work best.

Kids’ Skin Issues: Warts

Warts are a common skin condition seen in children. Usually most often located on the feet or hands, they are actually small benign tumors caused by the HPV virus. Because a wart can take months if not longer to resolve on its own, it is almost always recommended, especially with children, to seek professional care for the most effective wart removal methods. Our wart removal protocol involves a few options, and again, this often will depend on the child’s actual condition and age among other such factors. While there are certainly very good topical treatments for addressing kids’ warts, there is also liquid nitrogen: a widely popular way of essentially freezing the wart off without causing scarring. But again, this will be contingent upon the patient’s age and skin condition.

Watching as a child copes with painful or embarrassing skin issues is not fun for any parent. We address every child’s needs individually according to their age, skin type, lifestyle and health. At Schweiger Dermatology Group, it’s about doing all that we can in a safe and effective way to deliver the best pediatric dermatology experience possible.

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