Say Goodbye to Skin Growths: All You Need to Know about Skin Tag, Wart and Mole Removal

Provider examining the patient for skin tags and mole

As you get older, you may start noticing different types of skin growths on your body. Whether in the form of warts, skin tags or moles, while most tend to be benign, it is still always a good idea to have these checked out by a board certified medical dermatologist. The best dermatologists will thoroughly examine any such skin growths and then explain your options, ensure that it isn’t something more serious than a superficial growth, and make you as comfortable as possible during any type of skin tag or mole removal.

Skin growths are a fairly common concern that our patients have. It’s always advisable to get advice from a medical dermatologist rather than just attempting to remove any such growth on your own. In fact, this DIY approach can be dangerous and may lead to infections down the road. Our processes are performed in the office and are only done by highly trained dermatology experts. Below are some common methods of dealing with moles, warts and skin tags.

Wart Removal Options

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus and can be a source of self-consciousness and discomfort. There are a number of ways to treat warts and to effectively remove the warts, and again these should always be performed by a medical dermatologist who can give you the best options for your particular condition.

A very popular wart removal solution is cryotherapy. This simply means that the wart is frozen off using liquid nitrogen. As it is essentially painless and fast, we’ve performed this type of wart removal on numerous patients. There are also topical treatments for wart removal. Depending on the severity of your warts, location, skin condition and age, topical treatments may be a good solution as well.

Mole Removal Options

It is extremely important to have any suspicious looking moles checked out by a board-certified dermatologist. Especially if the mole has changed in color, size or shape, it is imperative that you have it looked at. While not all moles are cancerous, some over time can definitely become cancerous. This is why we urge out patients toward yearly skin cancer screening.

In terms of mole removal, there are a couple of approaches that can be used. We often perform “shaving” on patients, which involves the mole getting shaved off with a scalpel. Additionally, there are laser treatments that have proven incredibly effective when it comes to mole removal. But prior to going with a laser treatment option, we do need to first determine whether or not the mole is cancerous.

Skin Tag Removal Options

Skin tags are very common. Generally, they can cause some discomfort depending on where they are located. Whether getting caught in a necklace for instance or perhaps in a place where they tend to rub frequently against clothing, skin tags can be become problematic for some and thus should be removed by a trained specialist. Now, keep in mind that not all skin tags need to be removed. If it is not bothering you or causing discomfort, then you don’t need to see a medical dermatologist about it; however, if it is an issue, then one of our dermatologists would be happy to review some options for skin tag removal with you.

Often, as with wart removal, we do freeze the skin tag off using liquid nitrogen. This process is virtually painless and can be done in our office quickly. Using surgical scissors to cut them off is also another method of skin tag removal that is again, fairly painless. If you are concerned about your skin tags then we certainly encourage you to come in and consult with one of our professionally trained staff.

The importance of remaining vigilant about any skin growths that you may notice cannot be stressed enough. While not everything turns out to be cancerous, it is always best to have something such as a mole or wart or even skin tag checked out if you are not sure. Sometimes if you’re simply uncomfortable with the look or feel of a skin growth, our dermatologists can make you more comfortable about the skin you’re in.

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