Tanning Dangers: Why There’s No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan

Lady getting tanning treatment

As we head into the final stretch of summer, it’s only natural to want to enter the fall season with a souvenir of our vacation at the beach or our long days spent at the pool in the form of a suntan.  To many of us, we’ve been trained from an early age to look at bronzed, golden and sun-kissed skin to be a “healthy” look and we equate pale skin with sickness. But it’s important to try and erase those thoughts and remember the reality behind tanning dangers.

The good news is that some of us are listening to the numbers and realizing that a tanned look is not only going to give us premature wrinkles, but it can also cause cancer. A recent study in the journal JAMA Dermatology showed that indoor tanning rates are finally declining.  While melanoma remains to be the most common cancer in women ages 25-29 and the second most common in ages 30-34. These cases are still mostly due to tanning bed use.

If you still crave  that tanned look, the only truly safe way to sport a golden glow is with a self-tanning product. The active ingredient in self-tanners is DHA, which is not harmful to the body.

The staff at Schweiger Dermatology loves Vita Liberata self-tanning products, which contain good for your skin ingredients, such as organic sunflower seed and lactic acid.

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