4 Most Common Summer Rashes for Children and Adults

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Every season sees its challenges. While the winter flu may be gone, as your kids become more active during summer, so does the need to continuously shield their skin from the environment.

Red rashes and itchy patches are the most common reasons why parents and kids visit doctors during summer. Since children’s skin is sensitive, it can be irritated by external factors or internal body health conditions.

Understanding different skin rashes and how to prevent them can be a huge advantage.

Common Skin Rashes in Children and Adults

  1. Heat Rash

    Heat rash or prickly heat occurs when young kids sweat excessively, clogging skin pores. Heavy clothing or bundling of babies often traps sweat underneath the skin, which in turn causes tiny red bumps. If you notice your child feeling uncomfortable or constantly scratching covered areas of the skin, heat rash could be to blame. It is common to observe heat rash on the back, but it can also cause extreme itchiness in areas around the neck and chest.

  2. Hives

    This is a skin allergy due to infections, insect bites, and stings. It can also be a reaction to medicines, characterized by conspicuous and circular welts. Depending on the extent of the allergic reaction, hives can be localized, as in the case of direct skin contact with the allergen, or widespread, where the body becomes intolerant to infections or ingested allergens. Use insect repellent, unscented soaps, and dull-colored clothes whenever you spend time outdoors with your children to avoid attracting harmful insects. Although hives are harmless, your children might need antihistamine medicines to calm itchy skin.

  3. Atopic Dermatitis

    Reduced moisture may trigger a chronic form of eczema known as atopic dermatitis that leaves the skin red, dry, and scaly. Perfumes and strong soaps can escalate the irritation of the skin, so it’s better to avoid them. Cover the affected area of your child’s skin with breathable clothing and trim his nails to discourage him from scratching, as it may lead to aggravating the infection. Most importantly, seeing a dermatologist or pediatrician is recommended to identify other triggers and recommend effective medication.

  4. Poison Ivy

    Children playing outdoors can come into contact with skin-irritant plants, such as poison oak or poison ivy. It can be miserable for your children to experience intense itchiness of the skin that can lead to the development of rashes, swelling, and blisters. What’s worse is that the leaves of the plant release chemicals that increase the hypersensitivity of the skin to sunlight. For skin rash treatment, wash off the plant’s gel and chemicals from the clothes and affected skin with soap and water. To cut down on itching, use 1% hydrocortisone cream to help alleviate skin inflammation.

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