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Unique Employee Programs

We value, recognize and invest in
our hard-working, friendly
and caring team members.

One of the many ways we aim to deliver the Ultimate Employee Experience is through our unique Team Programs:


Daily Schweiger Shout-outs

For our hard working team members that go above and beyond, we celebrate by sending out daily shout-out emails, applauding their great work.


Employee Referral Program

“A Players know A players”. Anyone that an employee refers to SDG and ends up getting hired, that referring employee can be awarded up to $1,000 for referrals.


Employee Discounts

SDG employees and their friends and families are eligible for discounts on products and cosmetic services.



Charity Programs

SDG is proud to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity selected by our own staff. SDG also supports natural disaster survivors and hosts matching-donation drives to give back to communities.


Dream On Program

Similar to the Make a Wish program, except this one is just for our employees! We ask our employees “If they can have anything (experience or thing), what would that be?”. Employees submit their Dream and Dreams are chosen at random, based on need and quality of submission. This program is our way of giving back to our hardworking employees by awarding them with something they may not have the means to do on their own.


Satisfaction Surveys

Short, to-the-point and completely anonymous satisfaction surveys are a key way to hear back from our teams. Through direct feedback, we’ve been able to implement great programs and make improvements to processes throughout the year.


Training and Development

SDG offers internal and external training opportunities for staff, including national certifications.


Company Events

SDG hosts an annual Year-End celebration party for all of our team members. We also host a yearly “SDG Summit” where we close down all of our offices and transport staff to come together and review company goals, mission and core values. This is also an opportunity where SDG recognizes our rockstars through an awards ceremony.



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