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I got a same day appointment and great answers to all my questions. Office was very clean. I checked in and was seen even before I had a chance to sit down. So glad I didn’t have to wait in the reception area for an hour like with my old dermatologist.

Schweiger Dermatology Group — Livingston, New Jersey

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Anita Fox, PA-C

Anita Fox, PA-C

Jarrett Kaczmarski, PA-C

Stephen Seibt, M.D.

Stephen Seibt, M.D.

Tanesha Simela

Tanasha Simela, D.O.

Schweiger Dermatology is proud to announce the opening of its Livingston, New Jersey dermatology office. As our thriving practice grows, we are thrilled to reach more of our patients where they live and work.

Many of our current patients live in the Livingston, New Jersey area, making our new office a convenient answer for all your dermatology needs. As with all of our offices around the greater New York City area, our Livingston dermatology practice will feature state of the art machines, a sleek and modern space, top-notch care and concierge-like service. Our roster of world-class dermatologists have all received training at the top medical schools and residency programs around the country. You can trust the care you will be receiving at Schweiger Dermatology in Livingston, New Jersey.

Acne Treatments in Livingston, New Jersey

Acne is more than just a trivial skin concern, it can seriously damage the self-esteem of those that are afflicted with it. If you are among the 50 million Americans who have acne, don’t despair, there are treatments that can vastly improve your complexion. Our board-certified Livingston dermatologists and licensed skincare providers employ the most cutting-edge and effective techniques to treat active acne lesions and prevent new acne breakouts from forming. Our office has laser and light treatments, such as Isolaz, blue light therapy, photodynamic therapy, chemical peels, medical extractions, and microdermabrasion. Many people head to the spa or try and self-treat their acne, which leads to disappointing results and possibly even damage. Partnering with a dermatologist in your acne treatment is the only way to guarantee you are receiving the best care for your skin. When left untreated, acne can lead to permanent scarring. Acne scars can mar a complexion and detract from your looks. If you already have acne scars, our Livingston dermatologists can offer solutions for your skin, including fractional CO2 laser therapy, Fraxel, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

Cosmetic Treatments in Livingston

If you are searching for non-surgical treatments to enhance, rejuvenate and beautify your look, our Livingston dermatologists have an array of treatments at their disposal to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our office is proud to offer Botox and fillers as well as skin-tightening devices, age spot removers and vein-removal treatments. We have a comprehensive list of treatments that we will discuss with you during an initial consultation. Our providers have received extensive training in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

**Please note that each Schweiger Dermatology Group office offers different treatments. Please confirm treatment availability at your desired office location at the time you book an appointment.