How to Treat Acne: Your Top Questions Answered

Questions regarding acne treatment

Skin woes never abandon us. From the time we are teens and even through adulthood acne is truly one of the most frustrating skin issues to deal with. Everyone deserves clear skin. Although no one likes a complicated skincare routine, it can be frustrating to wait for your acne flare to pass. Here are some bottom-line solutions to the most popular acne questions.

Are some foods bad for acne?

A nutritious diet is important in maintaining the body’s overall health, including having healthy, glowing skin. There is a connection between what we eat and acne breakouts. Carbohydrates, dairy and sugar top the list of acne-causing culprits. High glycemic foods stimulate the production of acne-causing oil on the skin.

What are common causes of acne?

There are a number of reasons why people experience sudden outbursts of acne. Anything that comes into contact with your face can potentially cause lesions, zits or cysts. Hands can pick up dirt wherever you go, but pillowcases and towels can also play a role in acne. Towels and pillows can soak up sweat, irritating hair product and provide grounds for acne-causing bacteria to breed. Frequent washing of beddings and pillowcases (at least once a week) is highly recommended. Similarly, sunlight’s ultraviolet rays can be particularly unkind to your affected skin. Sunscreens that feature zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a physical blocker are more stable in offering you the protection you need against aggravation.

Are there other lifestyle changes I can make to keep acne at bay?

Acne treatment does not have to be a complex issue if you manage your lifestyle properly. The body needs to fight off toxins, hormonal imbalances and stress. Research reveals a correlation between stress and acne. Inability to control anxiety or certain emotions can spark an inflammatory response that can cause breakouts. In addition to drinking enough water, regular exercise is a proven way of flushing away toxins, reducing stress, and boosting blood flow in the skin. That way, your skin will optimally regulate itself to stay radiant.

Does makeup make pimples worse?

You’re probably unsure whether or not to use makeup on pimples or broken skin. When you go shopping, just check that the beauty products are oil-free or have a non-comedogenic label and preferably powder based. Go ahead and apply a light amount of makeup over your acne treatment or oily skin if you need to. You must wash off your face with a gentle cleanser before going to bed, for the skin to breathe and to remove trapped dirt and sweat.

Should I go see a dermatologist?

If acne persists even after adjusting your lifestyle, it might be necessary to speak to a dermatologist. You can be left with scars which are more permanent and much more difficult to get rid of than acne. Dermatologists can administer medical facials or light therapy to target bacteria that causes the acne. Speak your dermatologist to decide which method is the best for your skin.


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