Bridal Beauty Tips: How to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding

Your Bridal Beauty Plan

It’s June and that means wedding season is upon us! Brides spend months and months training their bodies to look their best before the big day, but what about your skin? In this day of 24/7 selfies, there’s no room for error. Whether you’re the one walking down the aisle or on the sidelines throwing rice at the happy couple, beautiful skin should be on your agenda. From acne solutions and wrinkle-fighting treatments to overall skin rejuvenation, we’ve got a treatment plan to help you achieve skin perfection. Here, a countdown plan to get your skin its most gorgeous before you say “I Do.”

Before (left) and after (right) face images of Photodynamic Therapy for Acne.

You Want…Clear, Acne-Free Skin Before Your Wedding

It’s cocktail hour! And by that we mean it’s time to mix your acne treatments to get the best results. Combination therapies are the gold standard when it comes to treating acne. The best combos are a mix of laser and light therapies complemented by an in-office chemical peel. The best light therapy when it comes to treating acne is called photodynamic therapy (PDT), in which medication is applied to the skin and then blue LED light gets shined onto the skin. This one-two punch works to shrink oil-producing pores on the skin as well as kill the acne bacteria. Since approximately three treatments are needed, you’ll want to start PDT at least two months before the wedding date. In order to keep your skin acne-free, you’ll need to steer clear of pore-clogging skincare products. As Dr. Rachel Nazarian told, the best moisturizer for those with acne-prone skin are gels or lotions, as opposed to creams or ointments.

You Want…A Bright and Even-Toned Complexion Before your Wedding

Getting rid of sun damage is often at the top of a bride-to-be’s to-do list. The best treatment for sun damage is the Fraxel laser. By treating a fraction of the skin at a time, Fraxel only treats the damaged areas that need attention and leave the rest of the skin untouched. By doing this, you speed up healing time. After just one Fraxel treatment, the collagen is regenerated and skin begins a renewal process. However, there are about four days of downtime. If you want something that’s not going to leave you down for the count for a few days, another option is a photofacial, using intense pulse light (IPL), which targets area of sun damage on the skin and erases them. Any freckles or age spots on the skin will start to crust a couple of days following the treatment and will last about seven days. After which the crusting will fall off and leave the skin looking new.

Bridal Botox Beauty - Schweiger Dermatology Group

You Want…No Lines or Wrinkles Before your Wedding

If you really want a no-fail way to get rid of lines on your forehead or around your eyes, the gold standard treatment is undoubtedly Botox. If you’ve never had Botox before, the first time to get it is not right before your wedding. You’ll want to see your dermatologist at least 4 weeks prior to the big day. Botox takes approximately one week to kick in and if you’ve never had it before, you might want a couple weeks to get used to how it looks and feels.  If you’re going in for a refresher round of Botox, then about 2-3 weeks prior is a good amount of time.

The Week Before Your Wedding…

And the big and final question always is, “what do you do right before your wedding?” Diana Palmisano, PA-C, who’s getting married this summer, says: “The last week before becoming a “Mrs.” I will make sure to have a Laser Genesis treatment and a red and blue light session. You will find me on the morning of our wedding day drinking Fiji Water while resting with our famous Derm Duo Ice Mask for ultra wedding day hydration. My skin will be supple and ready to take on the big day!” 

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