Cosmetic Dermatology News: Surprising Botox Uses

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Surprising Uses for Botox

We all know that Botox is amazing when it comes to controlling wrinkles and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Aging has met its non-surgical match! But, Botox injections also have other uses that have get dermatologists—and patients—very excited. Patients across the globe are benefitting from the off-label uses of Botox—in many surprising and wonderful ways!

Botox for Migraine Headache Relief

Migraine sufferers know that there is probably nothing as excruciating or unpleasant as a bout with this type of major headache. Now, Botox is being used to help alleviate the pain caused by migraines. Botox for migraines has the added bonus of simultaneously treating the signs of aging, as the location of the injections are often on the forehead where expression lines can dominate. Unlike some of the other off-label uses, utilizing Botox for migraine pain is an FDA-approved solution.

Botox for Excessive Sweating

The problem of excessive sweating, clinically known as hyperhidrosis, can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable one for many people. The most common areas with excessive sweating are palms and armpits plus the scalp and the bottom of the feet. Botox injections can in fact be used to control sweating on these typical problem areas. On occasion, depending upon their specific need, patients may even be eligible for insurance coverage when it comes to Botox injections for excessive sweating.

Botox for Acne Treatment

Yes, Botox may be a viable solution for dealing with the signs and symptoms of acne. Dermatologists are finding that by injecting active lesions, the oil production is essentially paralyzed. Over time, and with repeated treatments, Botox has been found to lessen the frequency and severity of the acne outbreaks.

Botox for a Non-Surgical “Lift”

We know that Botox injections help to freeze those muscles that are the primary culprits when it comes to wrinkles—regions where we see crow’s feet and laugh lines for instance, but now doctors are finding that Botox can actually be used to achieve a lift type of effect. Injected into the forehead by a certified and experienced dermatologist, Botox can accomplish an elongation and thereby smooth the brow area. Also, dermatologists have found that by injecting Botox at the base of the nose, patients are getting something of a ‘nose lift.’ This raises the tip of the nose, and in some ways, mimics rhinoplasty.

Botox for Blowouts (aka Blo-tox)

Botox even helps preserve your blowout! When you spend time and money on that much sought after blowout, you want to keep your straight, shiny hair for as long as possible. But after an hour at the gym—even walking briskly can cause you to sweat and the corresponding humidity as we all know—ruins that otherwise beautiful blowout. Now by injecting Botox in strategic spots along the scalp line, the best dermatologists are able to help women preserve their blowouts for much longer.

Botox for TMJ Relief

When it comes to pain from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), sufferers know that it feels as if your entire jaw has been dislocated at times. With Botox injections however, doctors are able to help ease this very uncomfortable condition. Often, when patients recurrently grind their teeth or clench persistently, TMJ can get worse. Botox targets the facial muscles that are responsible for jaw movement. Many are finding this use of Botox to be an incredibly welcomed one.

Botox for Slimming Down the Face

Amazingly Botox is being used more and more frequently to help people achieve a slimmer facial profile. An effective, noninvasive, non-surgical alternative to a more traditional way of achieving a slimmer look, Botox is generally injected into the lower cheek area. The end result is a face that appears much firmer and slimmer.

Botox: The Miracle Treatment

Obviously, Botox injections are not simply for wrinkles and stopping the signs of aging any longer. The incredible thing about Botox is that it introduces non-invasive ways for people to treat a host of issues. From excessive sweating, to migraines and TMJ, Botox is truly becoming a revolutionary product that can help patients more effectively deal with numerous forms of pain. Not to mention, it helps with those issues that cause discomfort and tend to lower self- esteem. The important thing is to first consult with an expert injector—either a board-certified dermatologist or a licensed dermatology provider—to see if Botox is an option for you.

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